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This is a public health poster at the entrance to the Rondo branch of the St Paul Public Library on Dale and University, very early in the pandemic (this was the first Saturday of Macalester's Spring Break and just a few days before it was officially…

This is an image taken early July from Pittsburgh's north shore. Normally the river is packed in the summer and this is a stark contrast from the singular jetski in this image. Over the course of summer racial injustices gradually became much more of…

This is an image I took after getting my first COVID test. My mom made me take it so that she could help me figure out how to get my results. None of us knew how to find results at this point since testing so new.

This picture was taken in Walgreens (on Randolph Ave.) on a Tuesday morning. The main headline reads: "WORLD WAR 3 IS COMING!", and a smaller one reads: "UFOs ASSAULT ON NAVY SHIP CAUGHT ON CAMERA." This picture represents the media's portrayal of…

This is the basketball court at Mattocks Park which is about a half-mile south of the Macalester campus. As you can see, the rim has been removed from the backboard. I took this photograph during the period when Minnesota was under "stay at home"…

This image was taken in St. Louis in September of 2020. The message on the Biden sign shows just how different this past election was, and the politicization of COVID.

A handful of blueberries I picked while out in the tundra with my extended family. We rented an RV and spent a couple days dedicated to picking wild blueberries to save for the winter.

Due to the unrest following the murder of George Floyd (May 25, 2020) many businesses near campus around the Twin Cities boarded up their windows with plywood to prevent destruction and looting. This building houses the Pad Thai restaurant on Grand…

Small family bonfire with s'mores.

I took this photograph on March 17, 2020 in Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant on Snelling Avenue about 3 blocks north of campus. For reference, the previous day, March 16, Governor Walz issued Executive Order 20-04 "ordering the closure of bars,…
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