Help us document this semester at Macalester

The Macalester College Archives is looking for items that reflect your personal and candid experiences. We hope to share and preserve stories and images of how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the Macalester community. It is easy to capture official college communications, but more difficult to archive individual experiences and narratives. How will future Mac community members understand the extraordinary changes that have taken place across campus? How will those of use grappling with these changes remember them down the road? Contribute your stories, notes, images, video, social media, emails, etc. Contact if you have questions.

We know that this pandemic is affecting everyone in numerous ways. If you are in need of support, various resources are available via this Services and Support page.

Recently Added Items

Interview with Paul Cosme

Paul Cosme Corrected 6.3.21.pdf

Topics Include:
How the Pandemic changed daily life
Junior perspective on campus culture during Covid
Gaming as a means of escapism
Messages taken…


COVID Era Journal.pdf

A journal that I started due to historical interest and with the goal of writing things which I could cull into lyrics, which developed into a…

Medical Geography and the COVID-19 Archive Project


This essay explains the background of the COVID-19 Archive Project conducted by students in GEOG-256, Medical Geography, in Spring 2021, with special…