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Paul Cosme Corrected 6.3.21.pdf
Topics Include:
How the Pandemic changed daily life
Junior perspective on campus culture during Covid
Gaming as a means of escapism
Messages taken out of the Pandemic
Eye-opening and shocking moments
Cultural Organization leader…

COVID Era Journal.pdf
A journal that I started due to historical interest and with the goal of writing things which I could cull into lyrics, which developed into a personal chronicle.

This essay explains the background of the COVID-19 Archive Project conducted by students in GEOG-256, Medical Geography, in Spring 2021, with special emphasis on the oral histories collected by the class.

POLI 204 Archive Contribution.pdf
An overview of how the small island city of Sanibel, Florida has handled the COVID-19 pandemic and race relation issues across the nation.


A picture of a hike I took in Lake Maria State Park. I chose to include this, as it represents the fact that like many others, I went on a lot of walks/hikes in during COVID as a way to do something without being close to other people.

A menorah in my apartment on the first night of Channukah. Normally, this would be a night with all of my family and friends, celebrating the holiday, but this year, I was alone in my apartment, saying the prayers to myself.

This interview of Macalester College student, Helen Radovic took place on April 27, 2021 at around 5 P.M CT. This interview explores Helen’s experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic, discussing her initial reactions to the pandemic, Bosnian identity,…

Copy of Archieve paper #3.docx
A brief history of zoning and related racial segregation in Cambridge Massachusetts. Specifically from the passage of a state constitutional amendment permitting zoning up to 2000.


Houston Archive contribution.mp3
An explanation on why Houston, Texas is a perfect example of everything going on in this country.


FrohMaggie_transcript (4).pdf
This interview focuses on Maggie Morgan’s experience during the Covid-19 lockdown in Madison, Wisconsin. She explains how she navigates online school, mental health, isolating with her family, and the college move-in process during a period full of…
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