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Interview 1_ Jack Muller.pdf
COVID-19, Student Athlete, Soccer, Med. School, MCAT, vaccinated

Interview 3_ Eamon McGuigan.pdf
COVID-19, break-up, music, Zoom, work

Interview 2_ Dylan Peters.pdf
COVID-19, Road Trip, London, Graduation, College

This is an image I took after getting my first COVID test. My mom made me take it so that she could help me figure out how to get my results. None of us knew how to find results at this point since testing so new.

An interview about Ashley's experiences during the pandemic. Some topics discussed relate to family life, school life, working as a sports medicine assistant, and new hobbies.

An interview recalling Chloé's experiences during the pandemic. Some topics that arise include how musicians fared during quarantine, cooking and baking, grocery delivery services, school life, home life, and relationships.

An interview recalling Gene's experiences during the pandemic. Some topics talked about include living in South Dakota, Macalester life before and after the pandemic, and how conservative towns responded to COVID-19.

In order to allow for more social distancing, the Ridge Hill shopping center put barricades on some of the streets for pedestrians. This photo also captures the emptiness of businesses during the pandemic.

This was at the pool where I lifeguard. In order to reduce people congregating, Rising Grounds put in place social distancing guidelines. It is not shown here, but while at work no more than 10 people where allowed in the pool at once, and groups…

This is my cat Harvey wearing a crochet scarf made by my mom. Crocheting was one of the many hobbies my family took up during the pandemic. Although it isn't perfect, I think he looks rather dashing.
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