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This is an image showing the music playlist created by Marvellous on Spotify, comprised of music that she listened to in quarantine.

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This is a slide I created that uses the avoid men, follow women motto that was spread around in the last year, 2020 to guide people through social distancing.

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This interview of Macalester College student Dat Nguyen took place on April 17, 2021 at around 11 A.M CT. This interview explores Dat’s experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic, discussing his initial reactions to the pandemic, Asian(Vietnamese)…

The city of Cottage Grove canceled the Fourth of July firework celebration to enforce safety measures and protect its community. My parents and I were pleasantly surprised to see our neighbor across the street setting off fireworks. We sat in our…

A distant parking lot hang out with Johanna Caskey, '22, and Andrew Brown, '23. When we could not safely meet inside for an extended period of time, and it was too cold to hang out outside, we would meet at a park. We'd position our cars in a…

I took over my dining room table as a part of my COVID-19 desk space. I filled the space with decorations and things that made me happy. As shown here, my set-up included my laptop, iPad, planner, and more.

Interview with Eric Carter, Professor of Geography at Macalester College. We discuss his experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic as a professor, his role as a part of the Educational Policy and Governance Committee in creating an academic schedule…

This is from the Macalester College COVID-19 Dashboard and it shows the status of covid on campus from April 26- May 2,2021. It also shows the amount of campus testing and the vaccination status of those on campus.

Interview with Dr. Steph Walters, Medical Director at Macalester College. We discuss her experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic as medical director, assisting in Macalester's early and continued response to COVID-19, changes in her patient…

During the pandemic there were multiple COVID-19 Testing centers so people could be tested and notified if they had covid.
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