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In this section you can find sample curriculum and sample approaches to assessment. Additionally, we want to offer some materials to demonstrate the value of digital storytelling to your students.

The Basic Steps of Digital Story-Making

Why Digital Stories Matter

Working Narratives is a powerful collective collaborating to tell the stories of communities to inspire democratic action around impactful issues such as mass incarceration and public safety. In addition to producing important content, Working Narratives provides a wealth of resources to support students learning to create digital stories.



Why Digital Stories Matter – Videos for the Classroom

A lifelong digital humanist, Dr. Jason Ohler has spent over 10 years working with Petersburg Mental Health Services to help clients heal through digital storytelling. In the video above Dr. Ohler, clients, and program director Susan Ohmer describe using digital storytelling in recovery processes.


In this Tedx Talk Emmy-winning filmmaker Paul Atkins discusses the ways in which images influence our emotional perspectives on wildlife. Atkins argues that environmental cinematic storytelling should “embrace emotionalism” and dramatize wildlife in ways that challenge myths about dangerous sharks and gentle dolphins. He ends by sharing a grotesque image of a dying shark, emphasizing the capacity of media to generate empathy for creatures that are otherwise cast as enemies in popular culture.